Ansky on Tilt – Been There, Done That

Posted on Jun 03, 2006 by Gugel in Psychology

One of the best parts of my game, and my take on poker in general, is that I almost never tilt or get affected by results. I pride myself on being able to take a 1 outer and not blink, and remove my emotions from variance, the element of the game which we cannot control. It’s funny, people typically think I am a psycho cause I have a very cynical persona on 2+2 (and in life…) and very often people think I’m the tilty type, or one who gets real irate over bad beats. But the reality is I’m pretty damn calm about it. People at Turningstone who met me said they were surprised by how mellow and chilled out I was about poker, when they thought I’d be a spaz I guess. For example, I lost a huge pot to Gobboboy when I got all in on the river with top 2 versus his rivered set in the 300. I really wasn’t pissed about him squeezing a 2 outer (especially since I botched the hand), I just shook his hand said gg and all that crap and left.

Today was different.

Tilt happened. I have been taking periodic shots at the UB 10/25 game. There were multiple really soft games that I have jumped into, but I have run really bad every time. No this isn’t an excuse, I really did just get bit in the ass by variance (at least at first…). Twice I have run up like 10 buy ins at 5/10 then seen a donk sitting HU in 10/25, or a sweet shorthanded game, and every time I have lost most of it back at 10/25. 97 vs A8c on 79T 2 clubs, I lose. QQ vs AA on all rag board against a guy who was blatently tilting, 99 vs A9h on 234 2 hearts, etc. Not bad beats or anything, but they were all very big pots and very standard situations that I couldn’t have done much about.

Today was kind of like the last string. There was an absolutely sick 10/25 game running, and it got down to heads up between me and another player. He was actually decent, but he was too tight and passive I thought HU, so I decided to play him. We played for a while and we were up and down, but then more people joined the game so we were playing 3 or 4 handed. Still though, it felt almost like HU because we kept getting into big pots with eachother and I definitely think he was getting tired of how psychoLAG I was being a lot of the time. I was already slightly pissed and not feeling great about poker, but then I got him in a spot just where I wanted him. He thought I was a nut who never had hands I’m pretty sure, so I was just waiting to get a chance to stack him when I finally flopped big. I opened the button with 55 and he repopped me from the BB. I was really happy with this spot, since he’s not raising light at all, and we were almost 200 bb deep I think, so I could really win a huge pot if I flopped a 5.

Bingo, flop comes 2c 5c 8x, he insta pots. I don’t remember exact stack sizes, but I know that if he was shorter I’d just jam, and if he was deeper than I’d have raised, but this spot seemd perfect to just call, so I called. Turn was something like a 9c, and he overbet shoved, and I INSTA called. This was exactly the type of spot I wanted. He was calling me down with like middle pair all day, so if I ever had a real hand I knew I’d get paid off. River was a club though, and he won the 7k pot or whatever it was with AA with the ace of clubs. God damn it. I immediatly sat out and sort of sat there. I really just laughed for a while at how shitty a hand that was. Then I made a post in BBV and random lettered some. After that, I really wasn’t sure what I was feeling. Something about this beat felt worse than usual, but I thought I was still in a sound state of mind. Obviously I wasn’t and I dusted off a few buy ins in the 10/25 game on some horrible play by myself. It was full blown tilt.

I’ve lost over 10k in 1 day on several occasions, and both were when I had a smaller roll, and I really didn’t tilt those times. It is funny the way UB works. It is so unbeleivably fast, and the games play so hyper aggressive that I think it breeds tilt. Taylor Caby made a post about this once on 2+2 in reference to captZEEbo I think. He talked about how it’s so easy to tilt on ub cause you very often are focused on 1 or 2 tables, and it goes so fast that you don’t really get a chance to get a hold of yourself. I guess that happened this time. I basically blasted through my whole UB roll. UB-BUSTO!! Well, I had a really small fraction of my roll on UB, so it’s not a huge deal. Either way, it’s not something I am proud of doing.

I guess everyone tilts every now and then though, and maybe this will be a good lesson. I suppose the next time I lose a monster pot at a game that I am taking a shot at I will be less shocked or pissed.

I need to go for a walk. I haven’t quite felt so pissed through poker in about 8 months I think. Good thing I have a blog to vent in. peace.

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