Heads Up $50 NL Video

Posted on Nov 17, 2008 by Gugel in Videos

I recorded a quick 15 minute heads up session. The quality of the video isnt the greatest but you can see my cards and hear my voice and thats pretty much all that matters.

As always, share your thoughts, comments, and questions.

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One Response to Heads Up $50 NL Video

  1. Daniel

    08. Feb, 2009

    On the hand where you have 92s on the AJJ44 board, I think you should check behind on the river, because ace high plays on the board so you have some showdown value and hes not playing any hand that beats you. I think that the equity you gain from making him lay down two cards that dont hit the board is less than the equity you lose when he calls with a hand that plays more than the board.