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Heads Up Hand of the Week

Posted on30. Jan, 2009 by Gugel.


Im really excited to start a new feature here on Every week, Ill post one of the most interesting hands I played and give some analysis. So, lets cut to the chase:
Ive been playing a bit the villain and hes very aggressive. Hes 3betting me 17% but almost always folds to [...]

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7 Steps to Better Table Selection

Posted on26. Jan, 2009 by Gugel.


Table selection is really, really important.  It can make a losing player into a winning player and a winning player have a godlike winrate.  To illustrate my point, take kaintd77.  He has a 18.17BB/100 winrate over 198,412 hands.  Is he good at poker?  Of course.  But hes not that good.  Ive never played with him, [...]

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Free Jsnipes28 (pez_vela) Heads Up NL Video

Posted on19. Jan, 2009 by Gugel.


I stumbled upon a video from back in 2007 by jsnipes28.  Hes a really solid player at $2/$4, $3/$6, and $5/$10NL and theres definitely a quite a few nuggets of wisdom you can take out his video.  Theres a discussion of the video here.
Here are the download mirrors:
Mirror 1

Getting the video set up was a [...]

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Heaters and Downswings: Variance in Heads Up Poker

Posted on08. Jan, 2009 by Gugel.


There was an great post on variance on 2+2 about a week ago that included a link to an Excel spreadsheet. As you probably know, the upswings and downstreaks are a lot more extreme in heads up than 6-max and fullring. In fact, heads up is probably the most volatile form of poker. [...]

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