How Much Are You Paying in Rake?

Posted on Feb 02, 2009 by Gugel in General

Did you ever actually calculate how much money you’re paying to FullTilt or Stars? It’s actually pretty surprising.

Here are the averages of how much I’ve paid on FullTilt HU tables:

  • $50NL: $0.040 per hand
  • $100NL: $0.049 per hand
  • $200NL: $0.056 per hand

It’s not much when you look at it, but it really starts to stack up when you consider I play about 350 hands per hour 2-tabling heads up. That’s almost $20/hour at the $200NL tables I flush down the toilet. Not cool…

Back in the day, if you knew someone that worked at FullTilt, you could get an account that didn’t get raked at all. Unfortunately, those days are long gone (and those accounts are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars). The best that’s out there is 27% rakeback on FullTilt. A $5/hr bonus to my bottom line for doing close to nothing? I’ll take it.

If you don’t already have FullTilt rakeback, there’s like a billion companies that will set you up. Is there a whole lot of difference between ‘em? Nope. You just want to make sure they’re trustworthy and send your money on time.

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