Ryan Fees FREE 6Max eBook Review

Posted on Apr 17, 2009 by Gugel in Poker Strategy

Ryan Fees 6max guide is the best poker literature I have ever read. I read through the whole thing, cover to covertwice. Its really that good. And the fact that its free doesnt hurt :)

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom:

1. A2-A5 are better than A6 and probably better than A7.
The advantage of being able to make a straight (though its rare) is pretty important. Lets say you have A7 and hit a 7 on the flop. Is that really significantly better than having A5 and hitting a 5 on the flop? Or lets say you hit an Ace on the flop. Is a 5 kicker significantly worse than a 7 kicker? Not by much. The benefit of being able to hit a wheel and winning a big pot probably counteracts any better pair/better kicker advantage A7 may have.

2. If you continuation bet the flop in a reraised pot, you should bet the turn.
If you 3bet or call a 3bet preflop, expect people to call your flop continuation bet with a wide range of hands. Their range shrinks considerably when calling a turn bet. In general, you should not cbet the flop in a reraised pot if youre not going to cbet the turn.

3. Dont play more than 4 tables.
You get your edge by developing strong reads on your opponents. Playing more than 4 tables makes that virtually impossible. Theres just too much going on.

Even if you dont play 6max, I really encourage you to check out Ryan Fees 6max guide.

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