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Posted on May 21, 2009 by Gugel in Videos

Cardrunners is largest online poker training site. I usually get a free membership to Cardrunners for a week or two out of the month and that gives me more than enough time to download the videos Im interested in and watch them at my leisure.

The Good

1. Cardrunners probably has the biggest selection of HU videos 94 videos in all.  You can get to the HU video section by clicking on the Advanced Search Options link.

Cardrunners Search

CardRunners Search

2.  CardRunners has a killer lineup of heads up instructors including CTS, Green Plastic, INTERNET POKERS, sbrugby, Stinger, and MasterLJ.

The Bad

1. You cant sort the search results.  It would be really nice to be able to sort the videos by the average rating.

2.  You cant see how many people rated a video.  Id rather watch a video whose average rating is 9.2 with 100 votes than a video whose average rating 9.3 with 2 votes.

3.  You cant put the videos on your iPhone (damn DRM protection).

The Ugly

1.  Its a bit hard to stay motivated to watch an hour long video when I want to get in there and start playing.  Im not quite sure why an hour long video is the industry standard.

2.  The $99 setup fee sucks.

3.  Doesnt really make sense to pay $27.99 every single month.  Theres just not a whole lot of new HU videos being released monthly.

What do you think about CardRunners?  What are your favorite videos?

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