Get Gugel’s Secret Hold’Em Manager Heads Up HUD Config

Posted on Aug 25, 2009 by Gugel in Hand Reading and Tells

I had a few people ask me about my custom color-coded Hold’Em Manager HUD config.  I’ve decided to release it for $9.95.

Update: As of May 1, 2010, 75 people have purchased my HUD!

HoldEm Manager Heads Up HUD Config

Hold'Em Manager Heads Up HUD Config

Sure, you can make a custom heads up HUD yourself.  I’ve even told you what stats are particularly important for heads up.  But here are 3 reasons why it’s worth the $9.95:

1. It’d prolly take you hours to put this config together yourself.  A few hours of your time is worth more than $9.95, right?

2. It’s color-coded to make it easier to figure out opponent’s tendencies.

  • Stats highlighted in green are loose/aggressive.
  • Stats in red are tight/passive.
  • Stats in orange are somewhere in between.

3.  It’s +EV: It will probably pay for itself if it helps you make just one correct fold or valuebet.

Obviously, if you don’t like the config, you can just email me at and I’ll gladly give you a full refund.  No questions asked.

UPDATE: Here’s some clarification on what each stat means:

  • VP_BB: Money voluntarily put in the pot from the big blind.
  • VP_SB: Money voluntarily put in the pot from the small blind / button.
  • WTSD: How often villain goes to showdown.
  • PFR_SB: How often villain is raising on the small blind / button.
  • 3Bet: How often villain is 3betting preflop.
  • HD: Number of hands played.
  • CB: How often villain continuation bets.
  • FCbet: How often villain folds to continuation bets.
  • CR: How often villain check raises.
  • Donk: How often villain donk bets (bets out on the flop out of position).
  • F3Bet: How often villain folds to a 3bet preflop.
  • F-AF: Villain’s aggresson on the flop.
  • T-AF: Villain’s aggresson on the turn.
  • R-AF: Villain’s aggression on the river.

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11 Responses to “Get Gugel’s Secret Hold’Em Manager Heads Up HUD Config”

  1. Gugel

    26. Aug, 2009

    If you are a legit poker blogger and are willing to write up a review, I’ll give you my config for free. Just email me at

  2. Holdem

    29. Aug, 2009

    This is really good news .Your decision to release this for very low cost is really admirable.

  3. Gugel

    31. Aug, 2009

    There was a temporary problem with the PayPal “Buy Now” button that prevented people from making the purchase. The good news is that I fixed it this morning and immediately got 3 purchases :)

  4. Pusha

    05. Sep, 2009


    how do I get this hud configuration? I´ve sent you the three dollars but haven´t received anything yet. Will you send it by e-mail?

  5. Gugel

    05. Sep, 2009


    After going to PayPal, you should be automatically redirected to the download page. If that doesn’t happen for some reason, just send me an email at


    17. Sep, 2009

    ive downloaded it but what do I do next?

  7. Gugel

    17. Sep, 2009


    1. Unzip the file
    2. Open up Hold’Em Manager
    3. Click on “HUD Options” on the menu
    4. Select “Player Preferences”
    5. Click on the “Import” button
    6. Open up the file you unzipped in step 1
    7. After you play the 1st hand against an opponent, the HUD should show up


    18. Sep, 2009

    The HUD showed up but is covering up some seats and the stack amounts of those seats. The display for seat 5 is also located to the far right instead of by seat 5. Can we adjust the actual positioning of the 9 displays?

  9. Gugel

    18. Sep, 2009


    You can move the location of the HUD by right-clicking and dragging it to the appropriate position.

    Also, my custom config is intended for heads up games. It’s not ideal for 6max or fullring. If you want a refund, just send an email to

  10. John C

    22. Sep, 2009

    Why didnt you assign any color coded stat ranges for the bottom half of the stats?

  11. Gugel

    22. Sep, 2009

    @ John

    Reads on an opponents aggression are much more situational and I don’t look at those stats much.