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Play BluffBot Heads Up NL Poker Bot

Posted on26. Oct, 2009 by Gugel.


SuitedAces made an amazing post on the HU Forums.  Hes a limit player thats transitioning to NL and he brought up Hyperborean-Eqm, a poker bot that won the 2009 Poker Bot HU NL Championship.  Now Hyperborean-Eqm (made by a team from the University of Alberta) beat another poker bot, BluffBot for 1.8bb/100.  Unfortunately, you cant [...]

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Gugel vs. Squizzel A Heads Up Poker Training Video

Posted on23. Oct, 2009 by Gugel.


Heres a video of my 30-minute heads up grudge match versus Squizzel.  We both usually play higher stakes, but we decided to play $50NL for instructional purposes.  My version of events is below and Squizzel will post his version of events soon on
Be sure to watch these videos in fullscreen HD.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part [...]

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And the Winner Is

Posted on14. Oct, 2009 by Gugel.


In 2 weeks since, 12 people registered and made a meaningful post on the HU Forums.
The lucky winner of the $25 worth of free coaching is Hank. Congrats and prepare to crush souls.

Remember, posting on the Heads Up Forums is almost like getting free coaching. You can ask me any question [...]

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40 Poker Tips From Sun Tzus Art of War

Posted on11. Oct, 2009 by Gugel.


Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese military tacitian.  His military strategy masterpiece, Art of War ($2.99), has some pretty solid advice for poker players.  Here are 40 great poker tips from Sun Tzu:

All warfare is based on deception.
When able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we [...]

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The Best Days Times to Play Poker

Posted on05. Oct, 2009 by Gugel.


In my previous data analysis posts, we talked about how hard it is to move up in stakes and which sites have the best action.  Now, were going to look at what are the best times to play NL HoldEm.
Theres obviously a lot of anecdotal evidence out there.  Most people assume that the action on weekend nights [...]

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