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BluffBot: A Pretty Advanced Poker Bot

BluffBot: A Pretty Advanced Poker Bot

SuitedAces made an amazing post on the HU Forums.  Hes a limit player thats transitioning to NL and he brought up Hyperborean-Eqm, a poker bot that won the 2009 Poker Bot HU NL Championship.  Now Hyperborean-Eqm (made by a team from the University of Alberta) beat another poker bot, BluffBot for 1.8bb/100.  Unfortunately, you cant play against Hyperborean-Eqm online, but you can play BluffBot!

And guess what, its actually not that bad!  I beat him (caught him bluffing in a big pot), but I was pretty impressed.  He adjusted pretty well to my game and its definitely an awesome learning tool.

I do wonder how much better Hyperborean-Eqm is and how long before a bot can grind out microstakes NL holdem

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