Multi-Tasking is for Losers

Posted on Jul 05, 2010 by Gugel in Psychology


Is your brain being overloaded?

I have an assignment for you.  I want you to run a mile, juggle 3 balls for 15 minutes and spin a hula hip around your waist 100 times.  Unless youre a well trained circus performer, you instinctively know that you wont get ANYTHING done if you do everything at once.    You have to split it up and concentrate on ONE THING AT A TIME.

So why do you think its different when youre playing poker?

  • Why do you play poker and watch TV?
  • Why do you play poker and browse TwoPlusTwo?
  • Why do you play poker and talk to your friends on the phone?

When you multi-task, your energy is being spent on just paying attention to everything thats happening.  Instead, you SHOULD be concentrating on adjusting to your opponents and improving your game.  You might feel like your accomplishing more when you multi-task, but thats an ILLUSION.

Multi-tasking isnt always a bad idea.  Its fine if  its a simple task and the stakes arent high.  You can obviously drive your car and listen to music (but I bet that a professional race car driver keeps the radio off).

When youre playing poker, RESIST the temptation to multi-task.  Shut off your browser and TV.  Dont answer your cell phone.  Remove all distractions.  Respect the game and give it your full attention.

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2 Responses to Multi-Tasking is for Losers

  1. yaqh

    09. Jul, 2010

    thats a ridiculous picture gugel

  2. Fubusama

    21. Jul, 2010

    +1 picture

    I agree for the most part, but some multi-tasking can save you. I think of examples where youre only playing maybe 1 or 2 tournaments and its still early in the game. Multi-tasking might actually help you from becoming impatient and making bad cEV plays early in the tournament. What do you think?