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Posted on Nov 14, 2010 by Gugel in Poker Strategy

Cog Dissonance is one of the lead instructors on  Hes played over 15,000 SNGs with a 7% ROI and a total profit of $98,961.  Check out his graph:

Cog Dissonance SNG Winrate Graph

Cog Dissonance SNG Winrate Graph

Cog Dissonance sent me an exclusive sample strategy video just for readers.   In the video, he gives a brief overview about the general strategy for HU SNG SuperTurbos and then gets into some actual gameplay.

Download Cog Dissonance's FREE HU SNG Strategy Video

Download Cog Dissonances FREE HU SNG Strategy Video

The first part of the video is the PowerPoint presentation where he talks about 20-25 BB play from the button.  Here are the bullet points:

  • Against unknown opponents, min-raise a fairly wide range including Ax, Kx, Qx, suited connectors, broadway cards, and pocket pairs
  • Adjust your raising range according to opponent type.
  • Tight passive opponents: widen your raising range.
  • Loose passive opponents: Limp average hands, raise only good hands for value.
  • Tight aggressive opponents: widen your raising range.
  • Loose aggressive opponents: consider a limping style and narrow your raising range.

So heres my recommendation: Check out the free video and if you learn a thing or two, subscribe to Its only $25/month, but it can definitely help you skyrocket your ROI no other training site comes close to having such awesome HU SNG content.

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2 Responses to Free HU SNG Video

  1. WegueDonkey

    30. Nov, 2010

    Video doesnt work plz check this

  2. Gugel

    30. Nov, 2010


    Thanks for brining it to my attention, but I checked it out and it works fine. Did you try clicking on the You may download the video here link below the image?