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5 Best Countries in HU NL

Posted on13. Apr, 2010 by Gugel.


In my previous post, I talked about the 5 countries that have the worst HU NL players.  Now, as promised, here are the 5 countries with the best heads up players. (At this point, I figured Id just share the whole list).  Congrats to you Russians.  You are the best HU NL players.
Personally, Im [...]

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5 Worst Countries in Heads Up NL

Posted on07. Apr, 2010 by Gugel.


Ever play HU NL against a guy from Switzerland?  If you havent, youre missing out according to some data from  PTR analyzed Full Tilt players that played over 1,000 hands in 2010.  As expected, the majority of players are losers, but the Swiss take the number 1 spot as the worst heads up players! [...]

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The Best Days Times to Play Poker

Posted on05. Oct, 2009 by Gugel.


In my previous data analysis posts, we talked about how hard it is to move up in stakes and which sites have the best action.  Now, were going to look at what are the best times to play NL HoldEm.
Theres obviously a lot of anecdotal evidence out there.  Most people assume that the action on weekend nights [...]

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Should You Play on PokerStars or FullTilt? Average Pot Sizes

Posted on22. Sep, 2009 by Gugel.


Im really excited about this post.  This data has never been released and its practical, objective advice that can increase your winrate.
Heres how I got my hands on this juicy data:
Dameon of PokerTableRatings saw my last post on trying to objectively measure how hard it is to move up in stakes and asked me if I wanted any [...]

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How Hard is it to Move Up in Stakes?

Posted on14. Sep, 2009 by Gugel.


So as a follow-up to my previous post about data analysis, I decided to find out how hard it is to move up in stakes.  Lets say youre playing $100NL and want to move up to $200NL.  Just how much tougher is the competition?
Up to now, its been all hearsay.  One guy says its easy. [...]

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Beating Sit-N-Gos in 2004: A Data-Analysis Lesson from ShoeMoney

Posted on09. Sep, 2009 by Gugel.


Jeremy Schoemaker, aka ShoeMoney, is a brilliant marketer and comes up with some really great out-of-the-box ideas.  He wrote a post yesterday about how he was part of the 2004 poker craze and had decided to find a way to beat the system.  Now ShoeMoney is a really smart dude, but poker isnt something you master [...]

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10% Discount Code for

Posted on22. Jul, 2009 by Gugel.


Update 4/8/2010: The survey described below is no longer running. For 10% off your hand histories, use the discount code pollen at checkout.
So PokerTableRatings sent me an email today and asked me to fill out a survey.  Im a fan of the site and theyre giving away $30,476 worth of free stuff, so I figured [...]

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