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Introducing PokerSage: A Free Tool for Short-Stacked HU Play

Posted on17. Feb, 2009 by Gugel.


I wasn’t sure if I wanted to release this tool.  The whole point of this blog is to make you a better heads up player.  Thinking deeply about hands and your opponents is what makes you good and PokerSage takes thinking out of the equation.
With PokerSage, all you have to do is press a button [...]

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3Bet Pots Heads Up

Posted on11. Dec, 2008 by Gugel.


I make a pretty substantial amount of my profit from 3bet pots in heads-up no limit online texas holdem. While I can’t can’t cover everything about 3bet pots in a single post, my mission here is to give you a good foundation by outlining a standard preflop strategy.
Note: After talking with Ansky, I realized [...]

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Heads Up NL Preflop Hand Ranges

Posted on15. Nov, 2008 by Gugel.


I can almost immediately tell how good my opponent is by their preflop hand selection. A good opponent is aware of the advantages of position. He’ll be aggressive on the button and tight in the BB. Just how aggressive should you be on the button and how tight should you be in the big blind? [...]

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