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Final Table of the WSOP 40K

Posted on30. May, 2009 by Gugel.


Ansky made the final table of the WSOP 40k (bout time).  There are 9 players left and Dani is 7th in the chip count.  For the latest chip counts, go here.
Heres the payout structure:
1 $1,891,012
2 $1,168,566
3- $774,927
4 $548,315
5 $413,166
6 $329,730
7 $277,940
8 $246,834
9 $230,317
Run good Dani!
Update: Ansky finished [...]

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Tournament Resteals

Posted on29. Oct, 2008 by Ansky.


Resteals are about a number of important factors, and very often the least of which is the quality of your hand. The thing with resteals, is that all they REALLY are about though, is risk-reward. If someone with 80bbs opens and you shove for 80 behind him, obviously this is a bad play.
Also, resteals are [...]

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9 Poker Tournament Lessons

Posted on19. Oct, 2008 by Ansky.


Lesson 1
Like Amir Vahedi said about a million times at the 2003 WSOP, “In order to live, you have to be willing to die.” It sounds a little ridiculous, but I really believe in it. I am just as ready to go broke on the first hand, as I am on the bubble.
Lesson 2
Everything in [...]

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